Genesis Biotechnology Group


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Venenum Campus

Venenum Biodesign

New Jersey

  • Become part of GD3 in 2009 through M&A.
  • State-of-the-art 24,000 square foot facility
  • Collection of ~5.7 million compounds and UHTS Technology
    • The proprietary ECLiPS (ECLiPS = Encoded Combinatorial Libraries on Polymeric Support) technology was acquired from Pharmacopeia / Ligand Pharmaceuticals
    • Diverse, drug-like, and innovative chemistries
    • 85% of the compound collection has zero or one Lipinski violation
    • No deconvolution
    • Screening usually identifies multiple hit chemotypes
    • Each chemotype has SAR around it that jump starts Hit to Lead
  • Computational Chemistry and Structural Biology groups with decades of experience in Pharma/Biotech
  • ADME-Tox, animal pharmacology, PK/PD and phenotyping capabilities in collaboration with PharmOptima and Invivotek
Invivotek Campus


New Jersey

  • Pre-clinical CRO focused on custom and standard in vivo drug testing services and phenotypic characterization of genetically modified rodents to support drug discovery and development programs of our clients
  • AAALAC accredited, 26,300 square foot, state-of-the-art barrier facility
  • BSL1 and BSL2 animal holding rooms with Bio Containment and IVC animal housing
  • Ex-vivo and in-vivo models cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas including:
    • Oncology
    • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Metabolic Diseases
    • Inflammatory Diseases
    • CNS
  • State of the art cores including flow cytometry, focal radiation, imaging and biomarker discovery
  • Environmental profile improved by Genesis Solar Farm which provides 60% of Invivotek‘s power needs.
NexusPharma Campus



  • Acquired by GD3 in June 2019
NEDP Campus



  • Acquired by GD3 in November 2019
PharmOptima Campus



  • Founded in 2003 by several former pharma scientists. Acquired by GD3 in March 2017
  • 15,000 square foot facility
  • Dedicated 5,000 square foot vivarium
  • Capabilities include:
    • Bioanalytical MS/MS method development, validation, and sample analysis
    • Development of cell lines for determination of efficacy of drug therapies
    • Custom development of Ligand Binding assays
    • Biomarker Research, MSD multiplex assay development to assay for multiple disease state indicators with a single run
    • In-vivo PK, ocular dosing, necropsy, and micro dissection of ocular tissues
    • Ocular drug discovery disease models
Comparative Biosciences Campus

Comparative Biosciences


  • Acquired by GD3 in December 2020
Integrated Analytical Solutions

Integrated Analytical Solutions


  • Acquired by GD3 in March 2021
STATKING Clinical Services Campus

STATKING Clinical Services


  • Acquired by GD3 in January 2021