Genesis Biotechnology Group


  • Rukiye Nazan Eraslan
  • Chiayu Huang
  • James Beasely
  • Anthony Rohr

Rukiye Nazan Eraslan, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Invivotek

Dr. Eraslan rejoined the GBG team in 2019. As the Managing Director of Invivotek, she leads a cross-functional team of scientists who conduct pre-clinical studies that enable interrogation of immunotoxicity, mechanisms of action, diagnostic hypotheses and ensure target engagement and pathway analysis activities to support target identification and immunotherapy in autoimmune diseases and oncology. She leads the scientific negotiation and due-diligence as a first layer to deliver decisional statements and explain data driven scientific rationale in to business. Rukiye also provides program/project management and operational support for drug development programs/projects (DDPP) to maintain accurate plans and documentation.

Extra Info

Dr. Eraslan began her career with GBG in 2013 at Invivotek as Team Leader, Immunology/Oncology, a position she held for over 3 years. In February 2019, she returned to the GBG family to become the Managing Director of Invivotek.

Dr. Eraslan brought over 20 years of experience in Immunology and Oncology within multi-disciplinary matrix teams comprised of colleagues from various groups including Discovery, Safety, Clinical and Regulatory to develop and deliver biomarker strategies and potential combination therapies for IO and autoimmune diseases assets. She previously held positions at Xenogen/Caliper Life Sciences as Team Leader Immunology & Inflammation, Taconic, Inc., as Team Leader/Principal Scientist Immunology & Inflammation, and (Bristol Mayer Squibb (BMS) as Principal Scientist as Immuno-Science and Oncology.

Dr. Eraslan received a M.S. in Molecular Biology from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. She earned a Ph.D. in Immunology at University of Illinois in Chicago, IL. Dr. Eraslan completed her post-doctoral fellowship in Immunology at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, Il.

Chiayu (Joyce) Huang, Ph.D.

Director of Chemistry, Venenum Biodesign

Dr. Huang joined the GBG team in 2010. As the Director of Chemistry, she oversees a team of medicinal chemists in the optimization of small molecule therapeutic compounds aimed at immuno-oncology targets, metabolic disorders, and infectious disease. She also guides the bioanalytical characterization of lead molecules through pharmacokinetic and Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) studies. In addition, Dr. Huang is responsible for the maintenance and growth of Venenum’s 5.7 million member compound collection for high-throughput screening.

Extra Info

Dr. Huang began her career with VENENUM Biodesign as a Chemistry Team Leader. In 2015 she was promoted to Assistant Director of Medicinal Chemistry a position she held until 2019 when she transitioned into the role of Director of Medicinal Chemistry.

Dr. Huang is a medicinal chemist with more than 20 years of experience in drug discovery which spans a variety of therapeutic areas including Metabolic Disease, Oncology, Respiratory, CNS, and Inflammatory Disease. She previously held positions with Pharmacopeia as a Research Scientist and Senior Group Leader as well as Ligand Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Research Investigator.

Dr. Huang received her BS in Chemistry from National Taiwan University in Taipei City, Taiwan. She earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at University of Texas at Austin in Austin, TX. Dr. Huang completed her post-doctoral fellowship in Organic Chemistry at Duke University in Durham, NC.

James Beasely, Ph.D.

Director of Biology, Venenum Biodesign

Dr. Beasley joined the GBG team in 2011. As Venenum’s Director of Biology, he oversees a team of scientists that support the research efforts in GBG’s pre-clinical drug discovery programs in therapeutic areas such as metabolic disorders, oncology, and infectious disease. Dr. Beasley’s Discovery Biology team specializes in the development, optimization, and execution of assays in the ultra-high-throughput screening (uHTS) of Venenum’s 5.7 million member compound library. The team also develops and performs assays, including several ADME-Tox assays, necessary to profile the small molecule therapeutic compounds produced by medicinal chemistry. Dr. Beasley serves as a member of the GBG Executive Council.

Extra Info

Dr. Beasley began his career with VENENUM Biodesign as the Discovery Biology Team Leader. In 2014 he was promoted to his current position as Director of Discovery Biology.

Dr. Beasley brought 12 years of experience in the Drug Discovery industry. He previously held positions with Ligand Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Research Investigator, Pharmacopeia as a Senior Principal Scientist, and DGI Biotechnology as a Senior Scientist.

Dr. Beasley received his BS in Chemistry from University of Texas at Austin in Austin, TX. He earned his PhD. in Chemistry at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC. Dr. Beasley completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ.

Anthony Rohr

Chief Operating Officer, GD3

Anthony joined the GBG team in 2018. As Chief Operating Officer of GD3 he provides operational leadership, oversight, and coordination across all GD3 companies. This includes but is not limited to the efficiency and harmonization of processes, metrics, and justification of capital purchases; as well as the vetting and transition of additional companies into the GD3 group of companies.

Extra Info

Anthony began his career with PharmOptima as Business Development Manager. In 2020, he transitioned into the role of Chief Executive Officer of PharmOptima, a position he held until transitioning into his new role.

Anthony brought over 15 years of experience in the Preclinical Research industry to the GBG Team. He previously held a position with MPI Research, Inc., as Senior Director of Operations. Anthony was also the owner of Knowledgeable and Focused Consulting, where he provided science and business development consultation services to Biotech, CRO, and Pharma.

Anthony received his BS in Biomedical Sciences from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.