Genesis Biotechnology Group


Assay Development

  • In vitro Functional, and & Cell Based Assays
  • Fluorescent & Luminescent Detection Technologies
  • Assays for HTS and Compound Profiling
  • Cloning Capabilities
  • Cell Line Development (single-clone or pool)

High-Throughput Screening (uHTS)

  • Collection of ~5.5 million compounds
  • 1536-well assay exclusively (4-8 µL volume)
  • All assays are off-bead – compound is already added into the wells
  • Counter-screen assay on an active subset collection

Compound Profiling

  • Can be in 384-well or 1536-well assay
  • Generally in low-volume 384-well format (10-20 µL volume)
  • Each compound gets a full 12-point concentration-dependence curve
  • Selectivity vs. related proteins
  • Ortholog in relevant species